Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies Farah Mathura has arranged OJAS’2023– Honoring India’s G-20 Presidency. HIMCS has provided students the chance to DESIGN and CREATE by creating collages and posters, as well as by conveying their thoughts using catchphrases. For India, the G20 Presidency also heralds the start of “Amrit Kaal,” the 25-year period starting from the 75th anniversary of its independence on 15 August 2022 and ending with the centennial of its independence and aimed at creating a future-oriented, prosperous, inclusive, and developed society that is characterized by a human-centric approach at its core.

Dr. Naveen Gupta, the director, opened the competition by mentioning that this kind of activity fosters innovation and unconventional thinking. The tagline is a memorable phrase utilized in the organization’s marketing effort to gain people’s attention, according to Mr. N K Mishra, Head of the MCA. A slogan’s appeal is intended to persuade clients to purchase your goods or services. The ability to be highly targeted is one of the key benefits of posters. College and paper art are very important to children in this period because art helps them to develop their reasoning, creative, imaginative, and problem solving skills.

50 students participated in all three activities, where they developed and used cutting-edge techniques to demonstrate their talent. The best student work was chosen by the outside judges, who were then notified of the winners. The judges were Mr. Ajay Parashar and Dr. Archana Gautam, Assistant Professors from HCST.

Winners OF Poster Making

First Prize (MCA) – Priya Rathore & Kaushal Baghel

Second Prize (MCA) – Prince Kushwaha & Viraj Sharma

First Prize (MBA) – Sakshi Goyal

Second Prize (MBA) – Ritanshi Agarwal & Anuj Tyagi

Winners OF Collage Making

First Prize (MCA) – Shivani, Nikhil Sharma & Vinay Bhadauriya

First Prize (MBA) – Jeetu Sagar & Ajay Kumar

Winners OF Slogan Writing  

First Prize (MBA) – Devanshu Bhattacharya

Second Prize (MBA) – Malvika Singh

Mr. Prashant Sharma, Mr. Sachin Jindal, and Mr. Amit Sharma were the faculty coordinators from the MCA department, and Dr. Gunjan Bhatnagar and Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva were from the MBA department. MBA-Head Dr. Abhilasha Singh Raghav, Dr. Riju Agrawal Singh, Dr. Shantanu Kumar Sahu, and Mr. Rahul Khandelwal, were among the academic members who observed the students’ ingenuity.

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