HINDUSTAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMPUTER STUDIES organized a 2 days workshop on TAT and SIS for its MBA final year students. The key objective of the workshop was to help students understand the use of projective tests in HR and marketing in management.  . The resource person of the workshop was Professor B L Dubey from Alaska, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Organizational Behavior with extensive experience in the field of Projective Psychology,  and Dr Naveen Gupta , Director Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies farah Mathura and a behavioral scientist . The resource persons taught students importance and usage of projective test in different fields . The test TAT/ Thematic Apperception Test is a widely used test today. In fact, the TAT is the second most commonly used projective test among psychologists. The TAT is used to evaluate a person’s subconscious attitudes and feelings regarding various issues. The TAT can reveal a person’s attitudes towards various issues, as well as their feelings towards themselves and others. It can be used in mate selection, or even in the selection of a career. It also helps to evaluate suspects of crime. Apart from this students were also provided the knowledge of the SIS test popularly used to assess personalities.

The students appreciated the training programme and could understand how in selection of executives in industry these tests are administered.

The programme Coordinators were Professor Dr Abhilasha Singh Raghav, Professor Dr Riju Agarwal Singh and the student Coordinator was Ms Ayushi Vashistha.

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