Good Practices are inculcated through good teaching learning process. At HIMCS, we develop professional managers with strong conceptual fundamentals and skills required to manage businesses in the future. We prepare the students to take up multiple responsibilities and energize them for the fast-track performance expected from them. The curriculum is rigorous. Assignments, projects, periodic evaluations and demanding academic schedules ensure that the student develops skills in managing time and working efficiently and effectively.


Name Qualification Experience
Dr. Naveen Gupta Ph. D. 35+ yrs

MBA Faculty

Name Designation Qualification Experience Deptt
Dr. Abhilasha Singh HOD & Assistant Professor Ph.D., MBA 24+ yrs MBA
Dr. Riju Agarwal Singh Assistant Professor Ph. D., MBA 21+ yrs MBA
Dr. Shantanu Kumar Sahu Dy. Head & Assistant Professor Ph. D.(Service Marketing), UGC-NET(Management) and UGC-NET(Tourism Administration & Management)  21+ yrs MBA
Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva Assistant Professor Ph. D. (Accounting and Finance) 17+ yrs. MBA
Dr. Gunjan Bhatnagar Assistant Professor Ph. D., MBA 24+ yrs MBA
Mr. Rahul Khandelwal Assistant Professor MBA, FRM (GARP. USA), UGC-NET (Management), Ph. D Pursuing, 13+ yrs. MBA

MCA Faculty

Name Designation Qualification Experience Deptt
Mr. Prashant Kumar Sharma HOD & Assistant Professor M.Tech. (CS), PhD (CS) Pursuing 16+ yrs MCA
Mr. Kapil Choudhary Asst. Prof. and Deputy Registrar MBA, MCA 16+ yrs MCA
Mr. Sachin Kumar Jindal Assistant Professor M. Sc. (Mathematics), MCA, PhD Pursuing 16+ yrs  MCA
Mr. Amit Sharma Assistant Professor MCA, PhD Pursuing 14+ yrs  MCA
Ms. Neha Singh Assistant Professor M. Tech. (CS), M. Sc.(CS) 7+ yrs  MCA