Experience at HIMCS was fantastic, and laid the foundation stone for a challenging journey ahead. We were often encouraged to look beyond books. It helped enormously to absorb and assimilate, from various interactions happening in and around the campus. In the hindsight, I believe, this very approach helped in inculcating a sense of self-discipline and develop a 360 degree approach to problem solving.

Monika Verma
Talent Acquisition
Partner IBM
Batch (2017-19)

I can very proudly say that my memories of HIMCS are more about the evolution of this great institute and about the people who made this happen. I also feel lucky that I was part of this evolution process and also got evolved as a person that I am today. Being student of the batch, we were given full freedom by our
beloved Director, Prof Naveen Gupta, to think and implement all good initiatives. All culture of discipline, behaviour, sense of owing to our nation was deeply inculcated in our minds by our respected teachers. I wish HIMCS to
keep reaching greater heights as always.


Abhinav Tiwari 


HDFC Asset Management Company

Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and for that way I had selected HIMCS which helped me to grow professional skills.
Thanks to HIMCS & all the faculties such a kind support.

Deepali Jain
Deputy Manager
Axis Bank Ltd
Batch (2012-14)

Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and for that way I had selected HIMCS. The friendly environment, the systematic approach towards imparting education at HIMCS made me a competent individual. The wide range of activities- both curricular and co-curricular- along and the support from HIMCS is really very helpful for my future.
Today, if I am in good position it’s because of what I have learnt from HIMCS.
Lastly I am really proud to be a part of this institute.

Shiva Jain
Stoneman Crafts India Private Limited
Batch (2015-17)

HIMCS allowed me to express myself in right direction. So for me HIMCS is all about expressing my thoughts and going ahead in life.

Shorya Gandhi
Area Sales Manager
Honeywell Building Technologies
Batch (2016-18)

The two years spent at HIMCS were splendid and helped me to grow better professionally and personally. The faculty members are always supportive, encouraging and I am very grateful to them for giving me a platform to explore my abilities. I liked the friendly atmosphere here and the fact that teachers here are really close to the students. I can positively say HIMCS has made me a better person in terms of developing a positive attitude towards my studies and career and also discover more about myself every day

Rushil Agarwal
Business Development Associate
Batch (2017-19)