Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies Farah Mathura Organized a three days certification training program on Security Market for its MBA Students sponsored by NISM (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SECURITIES MARKET).

Financial education is very essential both for personal and professional life. Financial literacy helps the students to deal with the money in the best way and also helps them to make critical financial decisions of their own money. The objective of the workshop was to impart the money management skill among the students and never let them get overburdened by debt in their life.  Students learned about the basics of savings and investments, Understanding the Securities market from investor perspective. Primary and secondary market, market infrastructure, mitigating risk, account opening process – KYC process, Demat account, power of attorney, nomination etc., How to invest in securities market , process of investing through primary and secondary market , contract note , SMS and email alert to investors etc. Derivatives market, Mutual funds and ETFs – exchange traded funds.

It was a very informative, interactive and valuable session. Total 87 Students attended this training Programme. The Students Coordinator of the Programme was MBA Ist Semester student Ms. Muskan Verma. The Faculty Coordinators were Dr. Abhilasha Singh Raghav, Mr. Rahul  Khandelwal and Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva.

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