“Give up tobacco today, otherwise see your future, get drowned in the smoke"

To stop the growing menace of tobacco among the youth, Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies organized a one day tour of ‘Fatehpur Sikri’ to create awareness among the people about the harmful effects of tobacco products and make them aware of this deadly disease.

The director of the institute, Dr. Naveen Gupta started this anti-tobacco campaign and said that MBA and MCA students from HIMCS tried their level best to promote the anti-paan masala product VIKALP and discussed how this product can help in quitting the bad habit of chewing tobacco. He distributed product VIKALP to the people coming to Fatehpur Sikri that day.

Reducing smoking rates among young adults can be perceived as a complex task and appears to be particularly daunting for children because of their perceptions, isolation effects, stressful experiences, and many other reasons. Helping them to enter a new environment includes gaining adequate knowledge on current social and legal practices, placement conditions and the underlying factors affecting smoking cessation.

In addition to these, the illustrations featured within the actual research review are spread over a considerable period of time. Various policies and practices need to be developed and changes in the profile of youth smokers should not be overlooked. The steps required for smoking prevention should be examined and the recommendations of the concept should be implemented accordingly.

HIMCS students became Tobacco Marshals and influenced the society with ‘Anti-Tobacco Campaign’ by promoting ‘VIKALP’, an anti-tobacco product. Faculty members Dr. Riju Agarwal Singh, Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva, Mr. Sachin Jindal, Mr. Prashant Sharma, Dr. Gunjan Bhatnagar, Dr. Shantanu Kumar Sahu and Mr. Amit Sharma accompanied the students.

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