Prof A.K.Mittal, Vice Chancellor, DR. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra

Topic: Reverse Migration and Rural Development in Uttar Pradesh

 Prof. A K Mittal, discussed one of the prominent issues that we are witnessing these days because of Covid 19, pandemic –the situation of Reverse migration and employability of migrant workers. The pandemic has somewhere forced institutions and government bodies to think on designing local employment opportunities at maximum in short time because of mass reverse migration which hugely consists of semi skilled and unskilled workforce. The pandemic has affected all the geographies and none of the state is unaffected (figures though varies from largely affected to least) but re employing the workforce is a challenge else within a short period of time it is quite evident that if income and work is not made available we can see rise in case of crime in society which will not be a desired and healthy state for progressive society. He emphasized on sectoral reforms to be taken care of – Agriculture being primary industry , production is not affected but Covid 19 has hugely impacted supply chain process and farm produce is not made available to freely trade as a result it has a negative impact on income of families which were dependent on agricultural income.

MSME contributes significantly to the national income, contributing more than 40% which is largely affected. The increase in unemployment (more then 27%) is very high and is adversely affecting. In spite of the financial package, we are unable to start production which needs serious thoughts.

Service sector continues immensely to the economy too and the worst affected sectors include- tourism and hospitality. The natures of services are perishable in nature, an opportunity lost added to the fact that we are not sure how and when the sector will regain the momentum, adding to unemployment. Fiscal deficit growth is anticipated, RBI increases liquidity but case of NPAs is at stake, and the economy is in bad shape as of now.

Prof Raj Agarwal, Director at AIMA, Think Tank

Topic: Relevance of Gandhian Economy in Industrial Revolution 4.0

 Prof Raj Agrawal, reflected upon the aspects of “Gandhian Economy in 4.0 “. He shared about the Gandhian philosophy and how Indian economy is depended on small scale industries which are a backbone. With the emergence of technology like –Artificial intelligence, Block chain, Robotics and advance mechanization, IT and ITES MSMEs needs to adopt and integrate the technologies to effectively manage cost, reduce wastage and improves efficiency at scale to support the mission of progressive economy. There is an enormous scope lay in small scale industries and with government focus and impetus in terms of “vocal for local” we need to strengthen them to solve the challenges.

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