For new students who enrolled in MBA and MCA programmes, Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies hosted an orientation programme. The programme got underway when the lamp was lit in the Media Center’s auditorium. The exclusive dance performance for Saraswati Vandana was then delivered by Jaya and Radha.

Dr. Naveen Gupta, the Institute Director, emphasized the importance of motivation, new job opportunities, and leadership abilities in his welcome speech. He advised us to complete our assignment as BEST WE COULD. When defining the BEST, he explained that B stands for “Believe in yourself," meaning that everyone of you should have confidence in your ability to do the task. E stands for “improve your recoil," or the capacity to have faith in one’s own talents. The S stands for “Strive for Goal," which means to remain active in pursuing your objective. The final letter T stands for “Target to Moon," which suggests that you should always set a lofty objective and be prepared to pursue it.

HIMCS seeks to promote a values-based education system and the overall development of pupils. The folks in attendance were informed about the specialty by Dr. Naveen Gupta. EVP-SGI Shri V K Sharma presented 16 lists of management from Henry Ford’s life. Along with this, he also taught the students the fundamental principles that have led to the institute’s success. The new students were also welcomed by Dr. Rajeev Upadhyay (Director-HCST), who spoke about how to secure positions for the following two years by explaining the requirements of the school and the importance of attending all of the classes. The institution’s placement record from the previous year was revealed by Dr. Priya Pandey (HoD-T&P Department).

The Student Manual for the academic year 2022–2024 was then unveiled by all of the dignitaries. New MBA and MCA students were given a personal pen drive during this time, on which the manual and course syllabus for the entire institute were stored. Ayushi Vashisht and Mohini Pathak from MBA final year hosted the program.

Shri N.K. Mishra, the head of the MCA department, Dr. Abhilasha Singh Raghav, the head of the MBA department, Dr. Riju Agarwal Singh, Shri Kapil Choudhary, the deputy registrar of the institute, Dr. Shantanu Kumar Sahu, Mr. Prashant Sharma, Mr. Sachin Jindal, the head of training and development, Mr. Raja Pandey, and the placement officer, Mrs. Renu were present during the presentation ceremony. Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva and Dr. Gunjan Bhatnagar assumed control of the program’s administration on behalf of the faculty members. High-tea plans were planned for the newcomers and their families at the program’s conclusion.

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