Hindustan Institute Of Management & Computer Studies Farah Mathura organized a one-day training program for Parshads of Agra Region on Meeting Citizens expectations & Image building of Agra. The training programme focused on the leadership skills of councilors, their potential, and their responsibility towards the image building of Agra City. The programme focused on the attitude change towards society and City. The first phase of the training programme consists of three modules i.e. Understanding and fulfilling expectations, Leading and Managing Change, Understanding your personal effectiveness.

The pedagogy used for the training the programme was Participatory, Experience Sharing, Cooperative Learning, Role Playing, Management games.

The resource person was Dr Naveen Gupta, Behavioral Scientist, and Director HIMCS. The exercises used by Dr. Naveen to train the parshads were balloon activity, tennis ball exercise, and DUTA case study to help parshads understand continuous improvement and change is the need of our, teamwork, support and collaboration and full utilization of the potential of each member of the team is very important to give timely and effective results. They also learned the POLCA concept to understand management theory.

The parshads participated actively in the programme. The programme was well appreciated and parshads asked for such programme to be regularly organized in future as well.

The Programme Coordinator was Asst Prof. Mr. Shantanu Kumar Sahu from HIMCS. Dr Abhilasha Singh, Dr Riju A Singh, Dr Sheetal Sachdeva, Dr Gunjan Bhatnagar and Mr Akhilesh Chandra were also attended the session.

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